Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Downlink signal: The signal that is received from a satellite.

Electronic cinema (E-cinema): is used to define Aa more modest quality level of D-cinema. E-cinema is used for pre-show advertising and other cinema applications where moderate quality is accepted.

Edge server: A local server that retrieves content from the content management server and serves as a central storage of content in a shop or other location where there is a larger number of media players. Also known asOther names are site server and or media server.

Elevation angle (of a satellite): The angle describing a satellite’sthe angular height above the horizon of a satellite.

Encapsulation: Embedding an IP stream into a higher level distribution protocol as the DVB transport stream protocol.

Event information (metadata): Information sent along with TV programs describing the content. Examples may include duration of program, actors, date released. Also upcoming content may be include.

F-connector: Standardized connector used in satellite receivers and other devices all over the world for RF (radio frequency) input and output signals through coaxial cables.

File interleaving: Sending several files simultaneously through a multicasting channel.

Groups of pictures (GOP): A GOP is a number (often 12) of By grouping a number of consecutive pictures in a video signal to be compressed. After compression, only the first picture of each GOP and the differences between the remaining pictures are included in the compressed signal.  

“Heartbeat” signalling: Signals are sent back from a media player or edge server to the content management server to indicate that the device operates properly.

High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP): Copy protection system for HDTV.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI): Digital audio and video interface for HDTV signals.

HDTV: (high-definition television): Television with better resolution than the conventional European 625 line, (576 active lines) and the American 525 line (486 active lines) systems. High definition TV standards are 1080i 0r 1080 p  with 1080 active lines (1920x1080 pixels) and 720p with 720 active lines (1280x720 pixels).

Digital Signage Glossary D-H