Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Digital cinema (D-cinema): The highest quality level of digital cinema concepts. This technology replaces the analog film in all respects and requires studio quality signals of studio quality.

Digital signage: A medium to produce dynamic electronic information, entertainment, and advertising in shops and public places (possibly also in homes). Depending on the distribution method, digital signage may provide non-real-time as well as near-real-time and real-time information. Digital signage systems may also include interactive customer terminals where the user may decide what content is to be shown on the screens. Digital signage content may be based on separate content files that are combined in an individual way on each screen.

In the long run digital signage may be used for home entertainment, information, advertising and digital art applications.

Digital signage broadcasting: A new revolutionary medium that is created by when combining digital signage techniques with the broadcast media. Digital signage broadcasting has the potential in the long perspective to replace most existing electronic and printed media.

Digital signage network: Any kind of digital signage application where there are several media players at several locations. The network may be administrated using manual distribution of media, broadband networking, satellite broadcasting, or any combinations of these distribution methods.

Digital Video Interface (DVI): The digital interface used mostly with computer graphics cards and computer screens but also in older flat-panel TV sets and monitors.

Display device: Any kind of device for displaying content. From the early technology of cathode- ray tubes, the number of display devices has increased to include plasmas, LCD screens, various computer-type TFT screens, OLEDs, projection systems, and electronic ink techniques.

Distribution server: Another word for content distribution or content management server. This term is used in digital signage broadband networking, where the content management server is used to handles broadband distribution to each media player as well as to store and manages content.

Digital Signage Glossary D-D