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Decorative digital signage

German store window with video wall

Digital signs can be used as mere decoration as in this German shop window. Here an irregular video wall adds to the impression of the store in a very powerful and dynamic way. There is are no real messages conveyed by the screens they just act as decorations and to build an atmosphere.

Several screens combined together form a video wall. However, as can be seen here, a video wall does not have to be rectangular but can just as well be as irregular as you wish.  

Store window with video wall and mannequins in Germany © Lars-Ingemar Lundström All rights reserved.

In this picture, one of the mannequins is actually sitting on a video wall of three screens that are placed on top of each other.

Another interesting thing to be noticed in these pictures are that the colours selected for the content shown on the screens match the colour setting in the actual shop window. Digital signage should form an entirety that encompass the screens, the content shown on the screens as well as the surroundings of the screens.