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Chapter 9. Connecting the Devices

Getting all devices and signal sources to work together is not easy. This chapter's aim is to sort things out, and it covers most kinds of interfaces and connectors, including: (1) terrestrial antenna parts, (2) different ways of connecting the set-top boxes to the TV sets and display devices, and (3) wireless solutions. When several receivers are to be connected to the same satellite dish there is a need for special LNBs and switches. Chapter 9 includes all necessary information to set up multireceiver systems capable of handling any need to receive several channels simultaneously from one or more satellites. There is also a discussion on how to interface more advanced satellite receivers (media gateways) and other set-top boxes with broadband access.  

Chapter 9 includes 33 illustrations, 3 of which in the color insert, including several diagrams that show how devices can be connected.

In most modern homes, there are radio and TV signals either from terrestrial transmitters, satellite, cable or broadband.

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Understanding Digital Television