Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Chapter 8 Content and Content Management

The "brain" in a digital signage system is the content management server. In digital signage systems, the media players are retrieving instructions and content from a central server. Producing files including these instructions for the media players is a vital part of the tasks for the content management server. In this chapter I describe a sample digital signage system created to show how to handle one in practice. Screenshots from a demonstration system provide the reader with some basic knowledge about handling of a digital signage system and what needs to be considered when choosing among the hundreds of digital signage systems available today.

Various architectures for digital signage systems and how these architectures affect the content management system are also discussed in detail. Finally the chapter includes streaming experiments that the reader can do using freeware software. Various aspects of introducing live streaming into digital signage systems are discussed along with HDTV signal formats.  

Chapter 8 contains 25 full-color illustrations.

The content management server is the heart of the digital signage system.

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