Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Chapter 6 The Edge Server

In the heart of more advanced digital signage systems is the quite unknown and forgotten edge, or media server. This device is a key element when building digital signage systems with fast response when using customer terminals. It is also a way of keeping traffic load on the content management server system at an acceptable level in applications where several screens or customer terminals make use of the same content. This chapter also gives an introduction into the local area network (LAN) that is needed in any store to supply the media players with content. In addition, the edge server, which will probably be the key element in future home digital signage systems, is described in more detail in chapter 12.

Chapter 6 contains 17 full-color illustrations with many diagrams showing how to connect entire shop installations.

In a cinema, one edge server handles preshow advertising and movie trailers while another edge server handles posters and customer terminals. The same content may be used in several media players.

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