Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Chapter 3 -Making the Best Use of Displays

Digital signage is much more flexible when it comes to screen content than television. The content you see on the screen may be made up of a large number of separate files and/or IP streams. This gives content providers a much more flexible medium when it comes to just replacing parts of the screen's content to adapt the final appearance to the time of the day, the location or to who is actually watching the screen. This chapter tries to shed light on these new possibilities by introducing screen regions, layers, and tickers and by presenting how these elements can be used in different environments and for different kinds of applications. Also introduced are interactive touch-screen systems.

Chapter 3 really shows what to do with the screens and contains 26 full-color illustrations.

Digital signage can combine many types of information divided into regions, layers, and tickers. Each piece of information originates from a separate file.

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Digital Signage Broadcasting