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Chapter 12. HDTV and the Future of Television

Chapter 12 includes many of my beliefs about the future. Of course HDTV is the next step ahead for most people who have not already made the investment in a set. MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 seem to be some of the answers to where the required bandwidth for HDTV distribution is to be found. Interlaced and progressive scanning as well as the choice of resolution, are essential and are covered in this chapter. But what is in store for the future? Sooner or later three dimensional (3DTV) is set to take off in one form or another. This chapter contains several solutions to the 3DTV display problem. Also described are other possible future developments for the television medium.

Chapter 12 contains 26 illustrations, 9 of which are in the color insert.

Comparing common screens and resolutions.

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Understanding Digital Television