Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Chapter 12 The Future of Digital Signage


Chapter 12 is the end of this book's timeline and includes the possibilities of digital signage in the homes of tomorrow. The 12 full-color illustrations show how digital signage broadcasting may be the successor of television. Most media of today can be joined together in one single platform to handle live as well as near-real-time and non-real-time broadcasts. An edge server combined with a number of media players and flat panel displays, may form the future home media environment. Television, video on demand, newspapers, digital art, and video communications may all coexist on the same screens. IP multicasting systems based on IP streaming and IP file transfer for point-to-multipoint content spread, combined with broadband unicasting for point-to-point traffic may well be the keys everyone will use.

Larger, thinner, cheaper, and better display devices are the future of digital signage and may be a part of the future digital home.

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Digital Signage Broadcasting