Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Appendix A Traffic Calculations

There is not much written about traffic models for digital signage. In this appendix I have tried to present some simple formulas that can be used to calculate important parameters, such as transfer time and what capacity is needed in Internet backbone connections as well as the required satellite capacity. Even more interesting there are the formulas for comparing unicasting and multicasting from a transfer time as well as from a cost perspective. These formulas can be used when calculating what number of stores and media players is the break-even between unicasting and multicasting. In most cases this is the same thing as calculating the break-even between broadband and satellite.

Appendix A contains 4 full-color illustrations and diagrams.

In unicast distribution, a separate bitstream has to be set up to each media player; this requires a huge bitstream from the content management server.

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Digital Signage Broadcasting