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  Understanding Digital Television

-An Introduction to DVB Systems with Satellie, Cable, Broadband and Terrestrial TV Distribution

  "Full of technical content that would make it an interesting read for technicians...In all, a very well-written book and well worth investing in if you work in this area, or want to" - Lighting & Sound Jan 07

"It is definitively a good book. It is easy to read for everyone trying to get some knowledge about Digital Television." Customer Review Amazon Read Full Review

Digital television is no doubt the most powerful mass medium of our time and in “Understanding Digital Television” I try to bring all the bits and pieces together in a book that aims to cover all four distribution platforms, satellite, cable, terrestrial and broadband. The book is based on the original Swedish version that had a European focus. In the international version I widened the perspective by adding two appendices that cover digital television in North America and satellites operating above the U.S. continent. It is my belief that Understanding Digital Television sums up distribution of digital television in a more or less worldwide perspective even if the focus is mostly put on Europe and North America.

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Focal Press; 1 edition (august 30, 2006)

ISBN-13: 978-0-240-80906-9

ISBN-10: 0-240-80906-8

Measurements: 7 ½ X 9 ¼ in, 192 X 235 mm

Pages: 328

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1. The History of Television

2. What is Digital TV?

3. Satellite TV

4. Digital TV by Satellite

5. Digital TV by Cable

6. Digital TV by Terrestrial Transmitters

7. Digital TV by Broadband

8. Choosing the Right Box

9. Connecting the Devices

10. Digital TV on Disc

11. The Home Cinema

12. HDTV and the Future of


Appendix 1. Digital Television in

North America

Appendix 2. North American

Satellite Geography