Digital Signage
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The Author Lars-Ingemar Lundström Digital Signage Broadcasting front cover Understanding Digital Television front cover

-”The technology of digital signage continues its growth and evolution, but this book from Lars-Ingemar Lundstrom from 2008 is still a solid reference for understanding the technical aspects of digital signage.”

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Welcome to the  Digital Signage Broadcasting website which is
the prime source of information on the written works of
Lars-Ingemar Lundström. The site is devoted to new media.
You will find a digital signage glossary and links to valuable sources.

-”Every ad agency or marketing director should have a copy of this book on their shelves. Marketing and graphics design students would also benefit.”

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 -"Full of technical content that would make it an interesting read for technicians...In all, a very well-written book and well worth investing in if you work in this area, or want to"

- Lighting & Sound Jan 07

-"It is definitively a good book. It is easy to read for everyone trying to get some knowledge about Digital Television."

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Learn about Public Displays and Digital Signage and why use it? Why not start by checking out the Digital Signage Tutorial containing lots of inspiration and ideas on the use of digital signs.

Public display LED screen at Miracle Mile Shops Las Vegas